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What is a Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process where we remove the vehicles imperfections by refining the surface with compound and polish. Even brand new cars need paint correction before ceramic coating a vehicle. Think of paint correction to sanding a car before its painted. New or old the vehicle will still have to go through the necessary steps to ensure proper bonding for the duration of the coating.

What is the Best Coating to Apply to My Vehicle?

This is a question we get a lot. I think this is a question that should be looked at from a different perspective. Although I am partial to the brands, we are certified for all brands work and each brand will have minor pros and cons over the other. The real key is searching for the right installer vs finding the right brand.

What is the Best Way to Care For My Vehicle or Vessel After It Is Coated?

A lot of people tend to over complicate cleaning the exterior of their vehicle once its been coated. Although it is human nature to want to care for something once you’ve invested time and money into it. Spending more time on something like this is counter intuitive. With the right knowledge, less is more in this case.  After we coat a vehicle, we give crash course over products and methods to care for your vehicle exactly how we would here at the shop. Read our blog post on how to care for your ceramic coating for specific techniques and products!