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Lake and Land Detailing

How It All Started

I started detailing at a local car lot while I was in college. I was going to school for interactive design which involved graphic design, web design, app development, and freelance business skills. One of the first semesters in college it was a class assignment to create a logo for our “business”. Although it probably was the professors intentions that our business logos were supposed to be related to a graphic business I took a different route and created a detailing businesses logo instead. Eventually it got to where we created our website, social media pages, and business cards for our business. At the end of that semester I failed art history and I had two choices. I was told I needed to wait another 6 months to graduate or cram art history into my last semester. I choose to cram everything and graduate on time which cut my work schedule to 8 hours a week. I was making $10 an hour at the time and couldn’t justify $80 a week minus taxes. I decided to turn my mock business into a official business and start detailing on the weekends for money. I was doing the same work at home and getting paid nearly quadruple what I would be at the car lot. During my last semester I was getting a small taste of what it was like to live the American dream and it was really hard not to continue after college. After a few short failed job interviews I decided to take Lake And Land Detailing and run with it.

To this day when we start up a classic car and it shakes the walls, its really hard not to smile and reassure myself that this was the best decision I’ve made. Being around all of the latest and greatest vehicles the industry has to offer just brings out an excitement you cant get behind a computer. I take a lot of pride in the work that we put out and treat every vehicle as if it were our own.

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